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These bracelets are handmade after order to ensure your choice in their pattern and color! We use seed beads in a variety of colors to weave our bracelets. The finishing components are silver with chain attached to ensure it is wearable.

Extra Notes: If you would only like one color on your bracelet, or would like different shades of one color, please select the same color twice. If we do not have different shades of the color, we will find a close or similar color to substitute in. If you would like the pattern to pop out on your bracelet, it would be in your best interests to choose two not too similar colors. Every bracelet will not be exactly the same as each is handmade. Some patterns may look slightly different, but have the same idea.

Bead Loom Weaving Bracelet

SKU: 364215376135191
Color #1
Color #2
  • No returns or refunds. Please contact us with concerns or regarding possible exchanges.

  • Since we make all our items after they are ordered, we allow ourselves 8-10 days to make, pack, and ship out orders. Please keep in mind that shipping costs are not paid for.

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